Participate and engage

The Society offers a wide range of activities that serve as a platform to meet highly motivated fellow students, connect with our outstanding partners and sponsoring firms and actively engage with thought leaders from politics, society and business.

– MEET –


It’s party time! We offer a variety of social events throughout the academic year. Whether parties, formal dinners or joint social events with the German Societies of the University of Oxford or LSE, our events offer you the opportunity to get to know fellow members of the Society and to exchange views on various topics in a relaxed atmosphere.



Yay or Nay? As part of our speaker events, we regularly invite well-known personalities from the worlds of politics, business and culture to debate current issues. We organize our events to promote political education and dialogue within the society and to encourage our students to discuss current political, economic and cultural issues. Past guests have included Joschka Fischer, Dr Barbara Hendricks, Dr Norbert Lammert, Dr Gregor Gysi and many others.



Our sponsorship events offer students of the university and our sponsors an excellent opportunity to get in touch and get to know each other. The events are held at regular intervals with our main sponsors. Our sponsors introduce themselves and explain their fields of activity in workshops or presentations. In addition, we offer the opportunity to exchange ideas and views beyond the professional context at social gatherings and dinners.



The German Society offers a wide range of opportunities and events in politics, business and culture. We use Facebook to plan and promote our events.  If you do not want to use Facebook take the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter via the universities mailing service. We will send you regular updates about all of our activities in Cambridge and beyond.