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The German Society is a student society run by mostly postgraduate students at Cambridge. It is our mission to break down barriers, connect people and foster international understanding.


None of our efforts would be possible without the keen dedication and passion of our committee. The German Society is a student-run society with most of the committee members completing postgraduate and PhD degrees in STEM, Medicine, Economics, Achaeology, History and Classics at Cambridge. Each one of us is driven by the prospect of promoting multilateral exchange, breaking down barriers and creating a platform for the mutual exchange of creative ideas.


Raymond Chen

Raymond is from Frankfurt and currently studying for the PhD in Chemical Engineering, researching on methods for turning Sargassum algae into biochar for potential use in energy storage applications. Before his PhD, Raymond obtained his B.Sc. in Physics at the Technical University of Munich and MPhil in Energy Technologies at Cambridge. In his free time, Raymond enjoys going for a run, discovering Cambridge, and improvising on the piano and is always excited about the next event.


-Vice President-

Jannis Jakobs

Jannis is a PhD student in the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, funded by the Gates Cambridge Trust. His research focuses on the early consequences of language contact between English and French after the Norman Conquest. Before coming to Cambridge, Jannis earned undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Linguistics from the University of Düsseldorf, having spent some time at the University of Oxford in preparation of his master’s thesis. He has worked in the academic and non-profit sectors. When he cannot be found in the library looking at Anglo-Norman manuscripts, Jannis enjoys reading novels, playing squash, and spending time in his college, where he serves as MCR Welfare Officer.



Jan-Lennart Venne

Jan is a PhD student at the Department of Chemistry and AstraZeneca where he works on peptide therapeutics in the GLP-1 space. He holds a BSc. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Maastricht, and an MSc. in Pharmacology from the University of Oxford. Jan is interested in medical innovation and novel therapeutics. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, and he enjoys socialising, sports, and reading in his free time.



Zara Draper

Zara is a first-year undergraduate at Trinity Hall studying Modern and Medieval Languages (German and Russian). Zara previously lived in Cologne and is particularly interested in Russian literature and artwork. She also has previous work experience in marketing and communications. Aside from her studies she enjoys playing netball and getting involved in student theatre.


-IT Officer-

Felix Fauser

With a background in Medicine from Switzerland, Felix has dedicated himself to exploring the complexities of biophysics and neuroscience, contributing innovative work at ETH Zurich. Currently pursuing an MPhil program in Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge, he is at the cutting edge of research where biology and technology intersect. Beyond academia, he enjoys road cycling and running; training for an Ironman. Feel free to reach out for discussions, collaborations or other questions!


-Events Officer-

Max Hähn

Max is a MPhil student in ISMM at the Department of Engineering, whose research focuses on geopolitical technology management. He earned his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering in Mannheim and Santa Barbara. Alongside his studies, he is active in various networks such as CdE, MHN, and SFJ. Additionally, Max is a sports enthusiast; he has been playing soccer since his youth, enjoys skiing, and goes bouldering. Max grew up in Rhineland-Palatinate and will pursue a career in management consulting after graduating from Cambridge.


-Events Officer-

Silas Ruhrberg Estevez

Silas a fourth-year undergraduate at King’s College from Berlin. He is currently studying for an MEng in Information and Computer Engineering and a MB BChir in Medicine. Silas is passionate about medical technology and has gained research experience in Germany, UK, and the USA. Outside of work, he likes to do rowing, cycling, and hiking.


-Events Officer-

Friedrich-Maximilian Weberling

Friedrich is a PhD student at the Biochemistry Department. His research focuses on machine learning for protein engineering and single-cell sequencing. Before coming to Cambridge, Friedrich studied in Munich and Berlin earning a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University Berlin and a M.Sc. in Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence from Technical University Munich. Besides his studies, Friedrich has experience in strategy consulting and software engineering working in Germany, the USA, and Uganda. In his free time, Friedrich is a rower and very much enjoys opera and ballet. He is always happy to connect with fellow students!


-Social Officer-

Raff Zhang

Raff is a second-year linguistics student at St. Edmund’s College, having moved from Singapore where she spent four years mastering German. Her academic pursuits are centered around the historical evolution and contemporary variations of the German language. In addition to her linguistic studies, Raff is an avid rower, often seen on the river in her spare time, balancing her academic commitments with her passion for the sport.


-Speakers Officer-

Tristan Vornbäumen

Tristan is a second-year PhD student in Infection and Immunity in the Department of Medicine, currently researching iron metabolism pathways essential for a properly functioning immune system. Originally from Lower Saxony, Tristan holds an undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Jena and a Master’s degree from the University of Tübingen. Prior to starting his PhD, he gained working experience at a biotech company developing mRNA-based therapeutics and additional research experience in Boston, Massachusetts. Outside of the lab, he enjoys playing tennis and travelling.


-Speakers Officer-

Pascal Wodtke

Pascal is a 2nd-year PhD student in Radiology. Within his PhD, he is researching novel magnetic resonance-based molecular imaging techniques to detect early metabolic changes upon cancer treatment. Originally from a small town in Bavaria, he undertook a B.Sc. in Physics and an M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics at TU Munich before coming to Cambridge. He has working experience in patent law, corporate research funding, as well as R&D in start-ups. Besides the lab, he enjoys all kinds of sports involving a ball.


-Sponsorship Officer-

Teresa von Linde

Teresa joined the University of Cambridge as a PhD student in cancer immunology in 2023. Her research at the Department of Pathology and AstraZeneca aims at developing the next generation of cell therapies for solid cancers. Prior to the PhD, she studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology at Heidelberg University, while gaining additional research experience at the University of California Berkeley and the German Cancer Research Center. Teresa is passionate about biotech and translation of biomedical research into the clinic and enjoys spending her free time outdoors.


-Sponsorship Officer-

Greta Markert

Greta is a third year PhD student in Medical Sciences at the Cancer Institute CRUK and originally from the black forest region. In her research, she is focusing on machine learning algorithms for histopathology images to detect esophageal cancer. Prior to this, she studied Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at ETH Zurich with a focus on computational drug discovery. She has previous working experience in the fields of patents and consulting. In addition to her research, she enjoys playing squash, rowing, and discovering Cambridge.


-Marketing & Outreach Officer-

Pauline Korotov

Pauline is pursuing her BA degree in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences. She is particularly interested in marketing psychology and organisational behaviour. Outside of term time, Pauline lives in Berlin and in her free time, she enjoys exercising, learning languages and attending the opera, concerts and theatre plays.


-Marketing & Outreach Officer-

Jana Zäh

Jana has recently rejoined the University of Cambridge as a Research Assistant at the CRUK Early Cancer Institute, after having been a Visiting Researcher in 2023. Her research will focus on senescence in lung cancer and the development of senolytic drugs. She holds a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Ulm and conducted her MSc at the Technical University of Munich and the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. She has played in the German Golf League for six years, also enjoys tennis, ballet, and cooking.



The German Society offers a wide range of opportunities to become involved in many areas and to get to know prominent figures from politics, business and culture.  Take the opportunity to expand your network and extracurricular experience in a dynamic team! We advertise vacancies on our facebook page, but you can also send an unsolicited application for one of our committee positions. We are looking forward to see you on our AGM.