The German Society is dedicated to helping you connect with various German alumni networks within Germany. Whether you are part of the Cambridge University German Society or any other German alumni organisation, our goal is to foster relationships, support professional growth, and maintain the spirit of international understanding and collaboration.


Explore the diverse and dynamic German alumni networks across Germany. These networks comprise leaders and innovators in various fields such as science, business, arts, and technology. Our alumni community is dedicated to fostering connections, supporting professional growth, and driving collaborative initiatives. Alumni networks offer a platform for sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and creating new opportunities. Whether you’re seeking mentorship, career advice, or simply wish to stay connected with the community, our networks provide a supportive and engaging environment for all members.

On the map, you can explore different cities where alumni networks are active. Click on any city/region to learn more about the local alumni group, find events, and connect with fellow alumni. Whether you’re looking for career advice, mentoring opportunities, or simply wish to stay involved with the alumni community, there’s a network for you.

Join these vibrant communities to stay connected with old friends, meet new people, and expand your professional network. We encourage all alumni to participate actively in their regional chapters and global initiatives. Share your experiences, host events, and help us grow this dynamic community.

For more information about connecting with various alumni networks and how to get involved, please reach out to our Alumni Relations team at